Tripcode Explorer and other tripcode generating programs, basic user guides and information.

I created this, because I was sick to death of people asking how to use these types of programs.

Tripcode Explorer user guide is located, HERE.
Tripper and Tripper+ user guide is located, HERE.
VecTripper (Mac OSX) user guide is located, HERE.
Informaton, links and usage information for many other tripcode generating programs can be located, HERE.

General information relating to image masking using GMask, FLMask or other such like applications. HERE.

External links that may be useful (I have no connection with these people in any way).

Regular expression information, HERE. Although if you just want to be able to use them for tripcode searching all you need is HERE.
General tripcode information, HERE.
General cryptography information, HERE.
grep man page, HERE.
Information on optimising for the GCC compiler, HERE.

Laugh your arse off, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.