VecTripper basic user guide. 

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VecTripper is a Mac OSX trip generating program that is produced and maintained by tmkk (Infoseek). (Available here: (Jap) or (Eng)) I have nothing to do with them. There are several versions for several architectures and OSX versions. G4 and G5 should go for the older versions. 64-bit architectures should go for the newest version. It is open source and the source code is included with the compiled application.

A Google translation of the original readme.txt, HERE. They are essentially the same for all versions of the application.

Other programs.

I have compiled a list of links and what not for other tripcode programs, which can be found HERE.

Main window.

Main window

The main window comprises of these elements.

  1. Tripcode.

  2. Password.

  3. Results area.

  4. Search text area (See section below).

  5. Start/Stop button.

  6. Case sensitivity checkbox (Unchecked for case sensitive).


There are 5 menus, they can be called (VecTripper (application menu), File, Edit, Tools and Help)

    Options box

  1. Search using text entered into the search box.

  2. Text search options. There are 5 options: 

  3. This number has something to do with the search, but I can't figure out exactly what it does. It could however be priority selection, I am still unable to determine that.

  4. Check this box to enable evaluation of regular expressions in your search terms. Again this could be something more, as it seems redundant what with the 5 search options mentioned previously.

  5. Radio button to select if you wish to search using a pattern.txt file (more below).

  6. Logging options, check the box to log all returned hits. Choose a location on your drive for the log to be placed. It defaults to the desktop.

  7. Radio button that causes only the passwords to be copied to the clipboard from your selection.

  8. Radio button that causes the passwords and the tripcodes to be copied to the clipboard from your selection.

Searching options.

There are 3 searching methods available to you. How the program interprets and handles your input is customisable in the options (see above).
  1. Simple plain text search. Enter a word and wait for it to return the word.
  2. Regular exprssion search. VecTripper allows most PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions). Searching will be somewhat slower, but this allows you to customise your search to a greater extent.
  3. Using a pattern file. Again pattern file searching will be slower than a simple string search.


On screen.

The program outputs on screen in the results pane. The pane is sorted into 2 columns explained below (and previously if you didn't notice):

  1. Tripcode column.

  2. Password column.

To file.

The program outputs to a file called VecTripper_out.txt located in the directory you chose for it in the settings, or on the desktop if you have not selected a location. A sample output is below:

◆sEArchIbwA <> #`J@|0nTc
◆TEXTDXr.Jg <> #vf(YQ7&A
◆HerE5Z5pLY <> #A6FypJlN

The file is not overwritten and new search results are concatenated to the end of the file either as they are found or at program close depending on settings chosen (information about settings can be found in the relevant section of this guide).

The file is never deleted nor overwritten, so it can grow quite large.